Mexican Coke

Have a look here at what we found at Costco this week - Mexican Coke. What's so special about Mexican Coke you ask? Well, anyone old enough to remember what Coca-Cola tasted like when it was made with real sugar and not the sickeningly sweet high fructose corn syrup will appreciate this. Mexican Coke is still made with sugar, and you can definitely tell the difference between it and what passes for Coke these days.

Pere picked up a case this week, and we've been enjoying them ice-cold, straight from the 12oz bottle. They also make a nice rum and coke when mixed with Cruzan's Single Barrel Estate Rum. I don't know how long Costco will continue to carry them in Arizona, but as long as they do, I plan on keeping a case of them around. It beats buying them by the single bottle at the various gas stations around town that carry them.

For now, you can find them at the Chandler Costco:

595 S Galleria Way
Chandler, Arizona 85226
(480) 375-2051

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Rachel Luxemburg's Gravatar Coke tastes SO much better when made with real sugar than with that HFCS crap!
# Posted By Rachel Luxemburg | 7/6/08 8:45 PM
Rob Brooks-Bilson's Gravatar Rachel, I agree 100%. HFCS is everywhere, and it's ruining food (not to mention people's health, I'm sure).
# Posted By Rob Brooks-Bilson | 7/6/08 11:04 PM
Martin's Gravatar Mexican coke is indeed delicious. It tastes pure, somehow.
# Posted By Martin | 9/7/08 10:03 PM
Kristin Heggli's Gravatar I love Mexican coke! Coke always tastes better from a glass too, much better than from a can or even worse....a plastic bottle.
# Posted By Kristin Heggli | 7/19/10 3:41 PM

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