One of my favorite cocktails from back home is the Buzz Aldrin, concocted at The Continental in Philadelphia. It's made with Tang (Buzz Aldrin loved Tang), peach vodka and triple sec. Peach vodka used to be really hard to find, but thanks to Absolut's new version, it's now everywhere.

To make a Buzz Aldrin, you'll need the following:

4 parts Tang
2 parts Peach Vodka
1 part Triple Sec

Combine ingredients in a shaker and shake over ice. Strain into a Tang rimmed cocktail glass and enjoy!

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Moody's Gravatar Thank heavens for the space program!
# Posted By Moody | 12/15/05 4:04 PM
Deidre's Gravatar Sounds like fun! Intoxicatingly nostalgic, or is that nostalgically intoxicating?
# Posted By Deidre | 12/17/05 3:40 PM
Michelle Meagher's Gravatar This is by far my favorite martini. I used to live in Philadelphia, but I'm now living in Florida, so I'm thankful for the posted recipe! I plan to make these for guests this weekend...
# Posted By Michelle Meagher | 8/2/07 4:46 PM
Eva's Gravatar This was so good! I loved it. the sugar around the rim was the best. i reecenlty just found this other cocktail i love they made with this soju called TY KU i guess its like vodka. I loved it ! so good. best part is i found it was 69 calories..<3
# Posted By Eva | 3/18/11 1:51 PM

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